Aug. 9th, 2007


Aug. 9th, 2007 09:02 am
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i went on an archaeological dig yesterday near south bend. it was pretty cool. i figured i ought to go to this one while i have the chance since all other archaeology students get the opportunity to travel great distances and go on big digs.. i figure that i'm lucky to have the chance to get in a small indian trading post within 2 hours of me and for free. i didn't do any hardcore work. i think about the most interesting stuff i did was sort midden, which was just like dumping a bucket of everything that comes out of the pit onto a sorting table, shaking the dirt out, and then bagging whats left. most of it was bits of deteriorated brick and mortar, but there were a few arrow points, historic and pre-historic pottery sherds, nails, pins, bones, etc. one of the pits was a meter and a half deep and very stratified, which i think isn't a terribly common thing to find. this particular pit held historic and prehistoric fire pits as well as the other debris.
i think it would be fun to go to field school and be able to do this stuff more readily, but there certainly are down times to it. even at the most active, it's not the most exciting work in the world. still, i had fun.

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