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i think i'm going to go buy some hard drive tonight. i buy technology crap so rarely.. i really despise it. it seems like such a waste, but there are times like now where i can't just scavenge what i need. all my old server drives are starting to die.. i also am required to have a scary server running all the time to keep the data online. that machine used to be my tivo so it didn't matter, but it just got too old. i'm kind of afraid it will catch on fire.

anyway, i think i'm going to break down and get the network storage thing i've wanted for a long time. it doesn't seem like the optimum choice, but it might be the most sensible. it holds two ATA drives, so i can have one be redundant, and since it's networked, i wont have to screw with the NTFS/FAT32/HFS dilemma i've been dreading since i need this to be accessible to macs and PCs. so anyway, i'll probably be dropping about $160. whack. i need truck tires too. i may pull that out of savings.

my other story of the day... today i felt brave enough to order something at kibu cafe other than a lunch special, so i got tonkatsu, which has always looked kind of good to me. there i am feeling all cool that i ordered something different, and what arrives but spicy pork. she's like "spicy pork?" and i'm like "i ordered tonkatsu, but i'll take that if it's for me" i mean, i didn't want to screw someone else over if they just switched our order. the lady checked for other "waiting for an order" tickets in the room and came back and gave me a look like "are you sure this isn't yours?". so then i wait a while longer and the dude that took my order came with the food and threw it all out really quick and didn't say anything to me. i don't know if i pissed them off or what. if i understand correctly, spicy pork would be tonkarai, which even with my lousy attempt at proper pronunciation doesn't sound much like tonkatsu. oh well. next time i will just use a menu and point i guess.

the tonkatsu was super good though. the sauce had almost an apple flavor to it, very sweet. the kim chi and fish cakes were better than usual.
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