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So, I went for many years without films being much in the way of social currency, but now they are again, mostly due to a limited IRL social circle and a software development oriented work life. I am not that into modern video games, so aside from guitar equipment, movies are the only thing I have to talk about with the other UX designer who works in the next cube over. 

Last night I saw the new transformers movie. I loved transformers as a kid - I grew up during their initial cartoon run and had a whole hell of a lot of the toys. I think I've seen all episodes of the recent movie franchise, because, well.. I like going to the movies.. but they were all pretty lousy. Not much of a story and I always felt like I was looking through a camera lens that was zoomed too far in. My hopes for this one were equally low, but the integration of an Aurthurian theme piqued my interest. Done to death, but still works for me. 

Reviews were bad. 4/10 stars from NYT, 17% on rotten tomatoes, etc. I actually liked it. There were many problems - cheesiness of some characters, really bad/fast edits, glossing over many plot points, etc. but overall, they weren't that distracting. With a little more love, it could have been a truly great sci-fi flick, but as is, it was solidly entertaining. 

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