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i'm kind of stir crazy at the moment.

there was an exploded pigeon in my back yard last night when i mowed. it was already in too many pieces to pick up, so i mowed it. meh.

don't buy the netgear SC101 network drive thing. it sucks. i really blew it on this purchase, validating my stance that i am an inept IT dude. i should have just got the 500G USB2 drive and saved myself 30 bucks and some pain. oh well. i think i'm going to be able to salvage what i have to meet my needs, but it's still a waste of money.

my radio show is tonight at 9-11p EST. i'm not going to post about it a lot here, because it's already annoying enough to remind people, but listen if you like. you can stream it at www.purdue.edu/radio

going to hunt forms on my computer.....
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i think i'm going to go buy some hard drive tonight. i buy technology crap so rarely.. i really despise it. it seems like such a waste, but there are times like now where i can't just scavenge what i need. all my old server drives are starting to die.. i also am required to have a scary server running all the time to keep the data online. that machine used to be my tivo so it didn't matter, but it just got too old. i'm kind of afraid it will catch on fire.

anyway, i think i'm going to break down and get the network storage thing i've wanted for a long time. it doesn't seem like the optimum choice, but it might be the most sensible. it holds two ATA drives, so i can have one be redundant, and since it's networked, i wont have to screw with the NTFS/FAT32/HFS dilemma i've been dreading since i need this to be accessible to macs and PCs. so anyway, i'll probably be dropping about $160. whack. i need truck tires too. i may pull that out of savings.

my other story of the day... today i felt brave enough to order something at kibu cafe other than a lunch special, so i got tonkatsu, which has always looked kind of good to me. there i am feeling all cool that i ordered something different, and what arrives but spicy pork. she's like "spicy pork?" and i'm like "i ordered tonkatsu, but i'll take that if it's for me" i mean, i didn't want to screw someone else over if they just switched our order. the lady checked for other "waiting for an order" tickets in the room and came back and gave me a look like "are you sure this isn't yours?". so then i wait a while longer and the dude that took my order came with the food and threw it all out really quick and didn't say anything to me. i don't know if i pissed them off or what. if i understand correctly, spicy pork would be tonkarai, which even with my lousy attempt at proper pronunciation doesn't sound much like tonkatsu. oh well. next time i will just use a menu and point i guess.

the tonkatsu was super good though. the sauce had almost an apple flavor to it, very sweet. the kim chi and fish cakes were better than usual.

oh man.

Jun. 8th, 2007 01:57 pm
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mock orange is playing with wheat tonight in bloomington and i totally want to go.. but i probably wont. i've been awfully spendy lately and have trips to indy and lebanon this weekend as well. it's kind of cool how mock orange are kind of the musical guardians of the little outpost that is the area down at the tip of indiana. at least thats how it seems to me. when they aren't on the road, they get to seemingly play host to any good bands passing through. i think that would be a real good gig.

btw, for any that haven't heard it, the new wheat record is pretty goot. i reccomend.
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it was a busy social weekend.
the hamricks were in town, so i stopped by to see them at a cookout at ians. then i made it down to hunters for a bit.. well, really it was a lot longer than a bit. i was there pretty much all night. that place can be so hit or miss on nights that shows aren't going on, but there were a constant rotation of friends there this time. maria and i decided it would be cool to do a walker tribute band. tony later said he would be in for drumming.

because of the late night we skipped practice, which was a bummer, but realistically, i don't think i could have even done it. it gave me time to rest up for damon and beckys housewarming party which also was a good time. i don't get to see teh boys that often anymore, so any excuse is a good one. chris haskett and the rube clan were there, jessie came up from greencastle, and there were a lot of people from past parties of damon and becky's as well as pub crawls, who i recognized but whose names escape me. it's too bad the miranda sounds didn't come, but they had a big show sunday in columbus which i'm sure influenced their plans.

i blew it sunday and didn't get much done. i did get groceries.+ btw, if anyone wants some "blue crab" dip, let me know. i got a tub of it because it sounded good, but i decided i don't like it in the least.

this morning i decided that i need to attempt to clean the bathroom. i know the whole things going to disintegrate as soon as i touch it, but it's frickin gross. i'm still unsure with what to do with that room. anyway, i was thinking about doing it tonight, but i also really want to get into the studio and finish ripping all the CDs and getting them in the library before tomorrow.

my e-mail has somehow landed on a bunch of french spam lists for parties and concerts. i'm unsure if i am annoyed or amused by this.

VH1 had a top 40 soft rock countdown on yesterday. it was pretty smooth. JD Ryznar and hollywood steve were both on it.
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got a weight bench yesterday. i've wanted a decent one for a while.. haven't had one since dad had the house in beech grove. no good deals had come up and thats the kind of thing that i just can't see paying real money for. so finally found one. the timing was good because my corec membership is up, and i hate to renew it just for the summer. (it's pretty pricey) so, i hope to work in a little weight training with my running and abs stuff to maybe fill out the week. chris (from summerfield.. too many chris'!) was saying that you really have to work out everyday to see gains, and i would tend to believe him. tony is doing the workout via work plan since he started at SIA. i think that will be helpful. i've always wished i moved around more since i've had this job even though i wanted the opposite before i got it.

oh, also, last week i went and saw the pirates movie with chip. it was pretty good, although i get the feeling that they are just going to keep churning that series out forever.
also, none of those pirates hold a candle to the dread pirate roberts.

i wanna..

May. 31st, 2007 01:04 pm
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i wanna go scuba diving.
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the show yesterday went swimmingly. tony's hand had been cramping really badly at practice before the show despite spending a lot of time warming up, but he took a mega dose of potassium that seemed to help him get through. we played one of our best sets (despite it being short) and people seemed to like it..

i was pretty much done after 5 songs though. my hands and my lungs. i reckon that it's good exercise. i hope we play some more shows and can ramp up the set length.

also, the freebie fender amp seemed to be plenty loud. i guess it was right behind my head and all, but yeah...

i don't have a recording from that performance, but if anyone wants to give a listen to the old recordings, you can check out the EP, demos, and a [horrid] live set here: http://www.jcharles00.com/summerfield
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OMG. i don't think i mentioned it on here yet, but my quads have been KILLING me. the IT band stretches seemed to have worked, and i got a mile of running in (which is a pretty good baseline as far as i go) but i didn't think about the fact that i haven't run in so long. this was like two days ago and i still hurt. it's better though. i'm going to try and get in a lap around the park today maybe and see if it doesn't stretch me out a bit.

hmm.. what else. therapy was pretty good this week. i hadn't realized it until she mentioned it, but i'm doing all the things i wanted to do in regards to relationships. i hate writing too much about that in public, but i guess i mean to say that i have actively been avoiding some of my past bad habits.. and basically trying to not constantly validate myself with the relationships i'm in. but yeah, thats good.

this weekend there are a couple of cookouts and a couple of shows going on that i'd like to hit. i don't know if i will make it to all. i'd like to get some of that work i mentioned earlier done on the truck too. but mostly, it's sci-fi friday, and i'm glad even though it looks like both stargate episodes will be kind of lame this week.

i'm dumb.

May. 24th, 2007 03:40 pm
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while i am generally very aware of my social shortcomings, it still embarasses me to hear about some of the dumb things i do. today at lunch i was noticing how i tend to randomly pick up a conversational thread that i had dropped some minutes or hours earlier. i suspected that it was a new thing and that i'm continuously getting dumber. karen tells me that i've done this as long as she's known me though, which is simultaneously relieving and annoying. i also repeat things numerous times, but then will say something else once and think that i've brought it up many times. i'm sure reading this journal back very far exhibits these concepts quite well. sometimes my weird thought process amazes me.

another personal issue thats been on my mind lately is my lack of direction. as above, it's something that i've typed here many times in the past. [livejournal.com profile] kurtmorris wrote a bit on the subject the other day that kind of triggered me thinking. i too get depressed and feel like there's nothing i can do that has a point. i often long to live it past times when it was easier to make amazing discoveries... i watched a show about goerge washington carver the other day. i'm totally not trying to downplay his work, but compared to the things that pass for major discoveries today, a lot of his stuff was a good hunch and some follow up. newton? granted, thats some crazy thinking, but it's not wild math or anything. today, to make a discovery, you have to go through some wicked post graduate program just to understand whats going on in your field. i think that is kind of limiting for a lot of free thinkers who just don't have the attention span to go through all that. i realize that this is just how it is. but it annoys me. i wish i didn't have to be an IT pleeb all my life.

i've been having more ideas lately of what could be done with my com degree provided i finish it. my outlook is certainly better than it was when i started. at this particular point i would really really like to go to grad school so i could do a focus on computer mediated communication. it's really something i'm quite interested in, and i think it an important area of study despite the (at least from what i've seen) apparent lack of useful research. i'd also really still love to be an ethnographer. probably couldn't hack that.

meh. i need to get back to work.
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maybe i have a little bit of energy back. i worked out for a tiny amount of time last night. the dumb corec closes at 8p now, so i couldn't go. i'm probably up to renew my pass, but if they're gonna be closing at 8, i don't know if it's worth the $60 or whatever. anyway, i messed around with those IT band stretches.. i'm not convinced that i am doing it right, but i think i may try a lap around the park tonight or tomorrow to see if it helps at all. but anyway, last night i did my ab workout for the first time in at least a month. it makes me feel guilty. i had been on that program for like 4 months and just stopped when i got stressed out with school and life kind of shut down. i also did a bit of yoga.
the point of all this being that i woke up ok this morning. maybe it was the beeping of the garbage truck backing up. who knows.

the canvas experiment i mentioned yesterday is not going as i'd hoped. that stuff just doesn't "stack" up on itself. probably because it's water soluable. like when you spray polyurethane such that each coat wets up the one below it. i think the plaster idea might be the way i have to go. i'm sure belinda will have pertinent ideas on the matter as soon as she sees this.

nick tells me that the price of E85 is now lower than petrol on account of the dramatic recent increase in the latter. i was surprised because E85 was priced kind of stupidly the last time i bought any. regardless, i am again hopeful that my flex fuel truck will earn it's keep and i'll see some return on fuel costs before the $250 fuel pump needs replacing.
speaking of replacing, rather than take the truck to the radiator shop, i'm just going to throw a new upper hose on it and see how it goes. after i get bills paid for this month i think i'm finally going to order the PS pump and a new passenger side mirror. i don't really know what i'm going to do about the oil pan seal since i really don't have anyone left to assist me. i've had enough near death experiences alone under the trans am for this lifetime.

as always, there was more i wanted to write, but i've forgotten. i swear that one day my journal will get back to being interesting and i'll post pictures and links to neat things. oh, pics.. if you want to see some scary/funny old pictures of me, i just added some to the myspace. feel free to add me myspace.com/jcharles00


May. 21st, 2007 03:33 pm
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i bought a whole crapload of painting supplies the other day. i've done 1 painting in the past 10 years so i could really be setting myself up for disaster. anyway, i'm trying some new stuff.. i was to do some different canvas prep treatments.. i got a big jug of gesso. i've never used the stuff. i want to see if it's thick enough that i can really pile it on and then sand it down for a super slick, high gloss finish. i may have to mix it with something. shannon recently posted about mixing gesso with dirt and cigarette ashes, but i'm not really into that. i'm thinking i might try plaster.
i also got some gel medium, which i've also not used. i really don't like using any medium with oils because it's a big pita, but i suppose i need to learn to do things the normal way.... and not waste paint even though i have an abundance. i'd really rather be working in acryllics again though, so maybe it's a good thing to use them all up and just live with the long drying time.

yeah. i got 6 16x20 canvases because they were on sale. 5.99 for a two pack. thats a solid deal.

oh, something else worth noting.. summerfield is playing a show this weekend. (sunday?) i don't know how it will go. i need to fix one of my basses, since they are both kind of whack at the moment. i should do that tonight. we might play bad. i just want to see how many people remember the songs from how ever many years ago.

man. i am so tired. i got up "early" so i could be in before 9, and i'm just totally dying. i thought i was sugar crashing after lunch, but more sugar didn't even put a dent in it. i'm kind of wondering if i should talk to my doctor about it. i'm so lazy these days. it's not for not trying. i just don't have any energy.


May. 21st, 2007 01:42 pm
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so, my weekend didn't go exactly as planned. i was going to head to french lick from greencastle saturday morning, but my radiator was steaming. i didn't really want to risk being 3 hours from home, so i went back to lafayette. it worked out ok, because about 10 minutes after i left, karen called to see if i wanted sushi, so it was on. i didn't get a ton done. in fact, i don't think i did much else saturday other than pick up some cat litter and watch saturday night live.

sunday i mowed the lawn. what a pain. i really need to be raking the clippings, but it would take too long. plus they were dry and blowing all in my face. i think i developed allergies recently because i was sneezing and snotty as all get out. it was at this point that i had a "it's a pain in the ass to live alone" moment. which i really haven't had till now. i think now that i'm moving large things around in the house and trying to sell stuff, i'm going to have more.. for instance, i can't get the console stereo up the stairs without help. i can't get the toolbox in my truck, etc, etc. slightly depressing. anyway, i was going to go to the gym, but didn't really have the energy. fortunately for my laziness, kris IMed and offered me a morrissey ticket, so i went and saw that show in indy. very cool. i'm not a super morrissey fan, but it's the kind of thing that i'm glad to have seen.

this will be the week of work. i've already backed up grades, and i'm getting ready to delete students. after that i have to start replicating courses, which is teh suck. _then_ i have to make about 100 CD copies. bleh. fun.

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dead milkmen just came up on the radio station. i am energized!
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that jerry falwell guy.. i think i had him confused with jesse helms. is jesse helms dead? [edit: no. hrmph]
anyway, yeah, he sounded lame. i did manage to see this bit on CNN last night with a piece of an interview with him though. he was asked what the "christian litmus test" should be for presidential candidates. his answer was really surprising he said (paraphrase) "if i have to have brain surgery, i would rather have it performed by an atheist who is the best in his field than by a sunday school teacher who doesn't know anything about it". i dont' know if he was taking a pot shot at anyone in particular with that, but i dunno. interesting.

this week is weird. i am so preoccupied. depending on which filters you're on, you may or may not know the reasons why. needless to say, i am ready to get out of lafayette this weekend.. all weekend. i wish they would have waited a week for the gas price hikes.
but yeah, i've been trying really hard to get work done, and it's not working very well. i've given up on getting anything done at the radio station this week. i did get the charts in yesterday (which can be rough when you wake up as late as i have been) and i also got our studio access situation straightened out. i still need to finish the production studio.

i'm trying to find something to volunteer for. it's a dicey proposition for me. i'm kind of afraid of it, because i never know what i'd be doing exactly, but i think it might help fill the void in my life of feeling successful or contributing to something other than myself. who knows. Jessie helped me find some websites and info on such things so i'm going to check it out. i'm kind of bummed out that i had to bail on the LML, because we had actually been talking about doing little music seminars for troubled teens with another local group as part of our community involvement. maybe i would have the motivation to make that happen now.
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well, the first school free week is going ok. my anxiety level is down so much. it really is amazing. i am slowly getting the house clean again after neglecting it for dead week and finals week.
i still need to start getting rid of stuff. i think i'm going to sell the 20" bike for 50 bucks or something. i like it, but i don't need it. i'm going to try to sell the console stereo for $20. i think brad wants the hammond organ. i've been thinking about selling my grill. it's far too big for just me. besides, that little one i had was better for roasting anyway. and i still have the smoker which may or may not go. it was bobs so i'm a little hesitant to get rid of it.

the vehicles are an issue of concern. the truck, as i've mentioned before, really needs some TLC. i've gone too long without having the money to put into it's upkeep, so i need to get on it.
the trans am is still sleeping and i'd really like to have another go at at least getting it driveable. it shouldn't cost much (i have everything but a new gasket and fluids) but who knows. it would probably require a small miracle to get that pan to seal and to not have a ton of rust in the tank and in the cylenders at this point.

i don't know where i'm going with this.. just harping on things i've already talked about.


May. 8th, 2007 01:00 pm
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really tired like.

bummed that i missed the major cheesecake and sushi spread at the new presidents announcement reception. [ scowls at josi ]

hoping i have gas money to go to french lick week after next.

i need a new user icon. i want to do one where i look like a talk show host, with a desk, a microphone and some chairs for guests. i will wear a suit, but will invariably still look like beavis.

brad and i practiced veering truckers material last night. playing guitar blistered the crap out of my picking index finger. thats not the one thats supposed to get damaged. whiskey tango foxtrot.

it's so awesome not having to worry about homework.

charcoal smells good.

the lilac bush bloomed today. i wish it lasted longer. the poppies will bloom soon.

i passeded.

May. 7th, 2007 09:45 am
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yay. i got a final grade of 73% in spanish. not so great for my GPA, but really good in terms of getting these foreign language requirements done.
and in com..... a very high B. too bad i didn't get an A. that would have balanced out nicely. now to see if i can handle SPAN202 in the summer session. i think i may get a tutor, because i am just not with it.

my weekend was pretty good. friday i did not do anything. since stargate is back on, i really reserve that night for it. i know i am a total geek, but once you get reeled in, that show is like a soap opera or something. at least there is a story line and a little bit of historical/mythological information in it from time to time. but yeah, it was good getting to bed at a decent hour. i went to the bistro thursday with tim, john, brad and chip, and then proceeded to karoke with brad and chip after that.. so i think it was a 2 or 3am evening. i really needed the sleep. saturday we had a pretty good rehersal even thought it was a short one. and as soon as we were done, i got on the road to indy.
my original intent was to go to the wrap party for the movie i was in, which was going on later in the evening. so i met up with becky and damon who were participating in a pub crawl of some sort. beckys sister and a bunch of her friends were there, and while i doubt i can remember many names, they were all really nice people. why don't i encounter normal people in lafayette? i only know music people and students here. as another weird example, while we were at the mass ave pub, a guy i went to high school with and his wife came in and joined the group. i hadn't seen him for.. well, since AP calc senior year probably. turns out he is teaching at purdue, but (i think) he is living in indy. i guess thats the right idea. i wish i could get a motorcycle and just commute from lebanon or indy. *sigh* i still don't know how i'm going to get out of this house.

hmm.. what else.. didn't do anything sunday. unmotivated. i do need to put the summer tires back on and check out the brakes on the truck, and reload the production studio computer at the radio station. i just couldn't make myself do it.

well, i'm trying to actually get stuff done at work today since i'm free of school for a month, so i should quit rambling.
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"Porn played on Disney Channel in N.J. from the AP newswire tells an unusual story.

5 year old boy watching cartoon on the Disney Channel. All of a sudden, porn comes on. The kid continues watching. Father walks in. Notices porn. Dad looks at the channel and notices this porn is airing on the Disney Channel.

Customer Paul Dunleavy would also like to know. He was stunned Tuesday morning to find his 5-year-old son watching something other than "Handy Manny," a cartoon about a bilingual Latino handyman and his talking tools.

"It was two people doing their thing, it was full-on and it was disgusting," the Middletown father of three told The New York Daily News for Wednesday newspapers. "I couldn't believe it."

This issue was confirmed as a "programming error" which occurred around 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday. It was isolated to "a local New Jersey facility," the article says.

"My son was extremely upset because he thought he'd done something wrong," Paul Dunleavy, Comcast Cable customer."

There is one sentence in there that really cracks me up, but i'll let you find it on your own. ha.
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..because it's all a scam.

first lets rewind to my back story. laugh all you want, i haven't voted since ross perot. that dude had a solid plan for fixing a lot of things. it would have been a rough go, but (i feel) the country would have been better afterward. he obiviously didn't win. and granted, for all the mass media reasoning, he really wasn't an ideal candidate. (short, ugly, stupid voice, excitable)
then before, during and after clintong(who i thought was fairly ok), i kind of realized that with the whole bipartisan system, we're destined to constantly be in a state of reactionarianism. (yes, i'm making up words now) - you know, one step forward, two steps back. it works out really well for the rich, who happen to generally end up in the two steps back department and making money with every shoe drop.
THEN, with the booshes, i realized that the rich just keep getting bolder with the stupid self benefiting crap they do.

so basically, i think the US's system of democracy is total crap. old, fat white men with old money make decisions for everyone. AND then we give them our money on top of that. i mean, our country was started by a bunch of CRIMINALS wasn't it? not that i dont' respect those guys. civil disobediance is a concept that i value, but they were, for the most part, a bunch of rich guys who were mad because the government wanted a cut of their money.. so they turned around and became the government!

anyway, back to obama. i was down. if for no other reason than i wanted to see someone other than a white male in office. then i just read this deal where he and his campaign shook down some poor nerd who had created a campaign myspace site for him like 3 years ago, built it up to 160000 users, and dropped 10k to get it in some preferential area of the site. i guess even to me it seems kind of silly for myself to be upset about this, but i still am. if a guy can't at least be civil to a supporter who actually did a lot of work to help him out, then what the hell is he going to do to the general public?

things like this just make me feel so misrepresented, and i know there are millions and millions of other people in the same boat. it's just like the price of admission to getting to run for office is being an idiot though. and that doesn't speak to me.

anyway, thats all. i'm still not voting. perhaps i'll rant about my reform ideas at a later date.
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[scholarly endeavors]
well, one final down. my studying was pretty weak since i calculated my grade beforehand and found that i only needed 30/80 to get a B. somehow i was worried about failing the class. i did get near perfect on the last big project and perfect on the lab exam thing.. two things i wasn't really counting on. i guess this happens every semester. self doubt much? anyway, i didn't know any of the formulas, so i had to guess on half of the questions. good thing it was multiple choice and i know how to make educated guesses.

spanish isn't looking quite as good. i have a high C in there at the moment, however the grading is stacked pretty heavily on the final, which is stacked heavily on grammar.. ew. probably my weakest part. to stay with a C, i just need 35 out of 170, however, if i want a B, i'd have to get 135/170. i really don't know if i'm capable of that.

[nerd talk]
so i saw this thing on slashdot yesterday... apparently some guy and his son cracked a "code" thats built into the rosslyn chapel in scottland. for the non-nerds, rosslyn is a preported freemason edifice holding all kinds of weird imagery, and by some accounts, there is a treasure of sorts burried beneath it. anyway, one of the sets of symbols built into it's decor are these little patterned cubes. there are 13 different patterns. turns out that the patterns actually correspond to standing waves created to various sound vibrational frequencies. so these dudes picked out the notes.. then noticed that one of the cherub statues is holding a musical staff and pointing to the three fundamental tones that start the sequence. interesting. they then proceded to gather all the symbols around hte place, and then recorded the "song". i haven't heard it yet, because you have to buy it, but i'm half tempted to.
check the video. it will make it make sense. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy2Dg-ncWoY
this might help too: http://www.rosslynchapel.org.uk/htm/education1.htm
this is neat and all, but to me it has greater implications. the fact that someone had enough knowledge of acoustics to do this in the 1400's is pretty amazing. i mean, i don't ever doubt that a _massive_ amount of technical knowledge has been lost in the time of man on earth, but we so rarely see good proof of it. things like this renew my hope that we will find other lost know-how and technology in the future. i guess the question in this case is whether this code is _just_ a means to writing down a song, or if there's anymore to it that that.

[I grew selfish and unneighborly...]
i don't remember if i wrote before but there are neighbors on both sides again. they both have noisy dogs. i love dogs, but i have a hard time with poorly socialized dogs who are left in small fenced yards all the time. shannon had an interesting link on his blog a while back about beef flavored prozak for dogs. his quote: "Why are dogs depressed? Because they're slaves, active outdoor animals trapped in small, sterile environments. If you want your dog not to be depressed, move to the country, or at least spend a ton of time with your dog. If you can't do that, then you shouldn't own a dog." i tend to agree.
it looks like three cars at each house. i presume that means students, but who knows. one of them has this 70's monster truck thats louder than my trans am and is parked right next to my bedroom window. fun.

[don't get a mortgage. seriously]
oh, and get this. i was reading that indiana is jacking up property taxes or something. it's supposed to go up by an _average_ of 24%. TWENTY FOUR PERCENT!!! this is not cool. i had to refi just to cover the extra cost when we had that ridiculous reassesment a few years ago. i have even less money now. so this means i am _really_ motivated to sell this piece. it's still the same delimmma. i owe 92, and it's worth like 85. take off the realtors cost and other associated fees and i'm even worse off. chris tells me i can try to talk my bank into doing a "short sale" where they will take a lower amount to kill the loan. apparently it will be bad on my credit though. not as bad as forecloseure though. i just don't know what to do. i didn't expect property values here to consistantly fall.

my batteries are discharged. i need a vacation. i think i'm going to french lick this year. it's the week of may 19th apparently. i've not gambled ever. i think the penny slots will have my name on them. but really, i still just want to see the impact of the gambling on the community.
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